Things are slowly becoming normal again. We’ve moved into our new place and, while we’re still surrounded by boxes and still have a whole bunch of things to do, we’re kind of settling down. Most importantly I’ve managed to get our internet connection sorted out. Thank the gods of complicated communication processes for that one.

Actually, it wasn’t that complicated, so I should be grateful. It was just a bit time consuming. But being without the internet at home for two weeks was awful. I felt like I was adrift in a tiny dinghy on a vast sea, with no land in sight and only one wormy biscuit for sustenance. Well, perhaps that’s exaggerating mildly, but you get the idea. I’m an internetian; I consider the net as much my home as my house. And for two weeks I couldn’t find my keys. But it’s all good now.

Anyway, given all the hectic activity that caused me to miss posting an episode of ‘Verse last week, I’m going to try to make it up to you all now and post two episodes today.

So, head on over to the Serial Novella page and you’ll find episodes 27 and 28 waiting for you. Talking of things getting hectic, at least my situation is nothing like Ghost’s.