Or is it? I’m always pleased to see advertising that at least attempts to be honest. The truth is that advertising rarely comes absolutely clean about its subject, but that tends to be the nature of the beast. But when you see something rather more honest than usual, it’s always refreshing.

I was in Melbourne over the weekend and saw this poster on Brunswick Street.

The Birmingham Hotel
“It’s not shit anymore!”

It’s a shame that they turn two words into one unneccessarily, but it is only a pub ad after all. It’s also a shame that they put the meat of their argument in quotation marks, subtly implying that it is still shit.

However, at least they admit that it was shit and now they’re doing something about it. To see if the advertisement really is true then I suppose a visit to the Birmingham Hotel is required to ensure that it is, in fact, no longer shit. Any patrons of the Birmingham are welcome to offer an opinion.