Freedom of speech can be an issue in more ways than just being prevented from speaking your mind. Freedom of speech is not just about being able to say what you want, safe in the knowledge that anyone else can say what they want in return. It’s also about being able to access, unconditionally, anything that anyone might be saying. One of the real strengths of the internet is the wealth of information out there and its ready availability. If big business and profit margins start cutting into that ready availability, we have a very serious issue on our hands. Let’s keep the internet neutral. Have a look at the video (link below) to learn more and there’s also a Save The Net link now in the sidebar to the right. If you want to comment, you can. And you can say whatever you like. And anyone else can say anything in reply. Well, within reason, as I moderate the comments, but that’s only to weed out the spam and the obvious hatemail.

Link to full size video on YouTube