I’ve talked here before about how much I love short fiction podcasts. Probably my favourite podcast of all is Pseudopod, the sound of horror! So you can imagine how excited I am that Pseudopod are podcasting one of my stories. It’s an original too, not a reprint, so this will be a new yarn for everyone.

This story came about due to a passing comment at a con. The small and intimate Freecon that happens every year in Sydney, to be exact. A mention was made of an old SF fan who had seven garages full of stuff, that his family new nothing about until after his death. I thought that was a great premise for a story, so I changed the names and wrote it. Of course, the fan had all kinds of junk in the garages and I’ve made it into a horror story, but the genesis of the idea is fact. I always like it when things like that happen.

So have a listen and see what you think. You can find the story here – http://pseudopod.org/2011/08/12/pseudopod-242-the-7-garages-of-kevin-simpson/

EDIT: If you’d prefer to read the text, I’ve posted the story here. But seriously, listen to the podcast. And then donate some money to Pseudopod via their Feed The Pod link, to make sure they can keep paying authors and providing great, free horror podcasts.