You all know how much I hate the current Hollywood trend of remaking classics because they’re a guaranteed money-spinner. Especially when they remake them really badly, which they usually do. Well, there’s been a lot of press about the release of the new Omen today, particularly as it’s being released on 06/06/06. Or more accurately, the 6/6/06, which isn’t quite so cool. Still, why let correct get in the way of cool?

The best thing about it all is that 666 is not necessarily the number of the beast anyway, with many suggesting it’s more likely 616. Mistranslations and people refusing to give up on something once they’ve got their teeth into it means things are unlikely to change, however.

There’s a very enlightening article you can read about the whole number controversy in Phenomena Magazine. The article in question can be found by clicking here.

Interesting stuff.