I’ve just added a couple of new links to the Markets For Writers page: 52 Stitches and Seizure. These are both very cool markets for spec fic and they’re also well worth a look if you’re not a writer. There’s some great stuff to be read there.

52 Stitches is a dark flash fiction blog that posts a new dark spec fic story every week, 52 weeks a year, then collects those stories into an anthology at the end of the year. I’ve recently submitted something to them, so fingers crossed. Pop over and have a look as there’s some great yarns up on the site, none of them over 750 words.

Seizure is an online and print production which publishes ongoing serial fiction and occasional short stories. They’ve just bought one of my shorts, so I’m a big fan of Seizure! They have stuff to read online too, so check them out. I’ll let you know when my story is going to be available once the details are finalised.