So, back on December 10th I posted this. In a nutshell, I set myself a challenge to read 365 short stories during 2013. And I expected to fail. I made a small change to the rules, deciding to start my year on December 1st, 2012 and run till November 30th, 2013, to make sure the end wasn’t lost in the Xmas/New Year madness.

At end of February, the first quarter of my year, I’d read 153 stories. If I want to make 365 stories in a year, I need to average just over thirty stories a month, or about 93 stories every quarter. I was well ahead of schedule at that point.

I’m about a week behind on reporting here, but I’ve just added up for the second quarter of my year. Technically the second quarter is up to the end of May, so it’s a bit off as it’s now the 7th June. Not bad, all things considered. I’m not quite up to the same rate as the first quarter, but I’m still doing quite well. I’ve updated my ongoing record of stories read here.

In the first quarter, I totaled 153 stories read in three months Dec 1st 2012 to February 28th 2013.

For the 2nd Quarter (plus a bit) – March 1st 2013 to June 7th 2013 – I’ve read 103 stories, bringing the total for the year so far up to 256 stories read between December 1st 2012 and June 7th 2013.

Given that I needed 186 stories at this point to make my total, I’m still ahead of schedule. I might make it yet.

Keep an eye on the page here to see what I’ve read so far. I’ll update it again after another three months. Of course, it can fall apart at any time, so if you never hear about this again, don’t remind me!

How about you? Are you playing along at home? How are your numbers so far?

365 Shorts 2012/13 – My reading so far.