On June 7th I posted an update at the halfway mark of my mission to read 365 short stories in 365 days. At that point I was well ahead of the curve, with 256 stories read. So how am I fairing now? Well, I’ve read less this quarter than the previous two, but that’s okay as I was ahead of the game. This third quarter I’ve read 90 stories. That means I’ve got a total so far for the year of 346 stories. I only need to read 19 stories between now and the end of November and I’ve done it.

I know, I’m as surprised as you guys. I honestly thought I’d set myself this challenge and then kinda go quiet and stop talking about it after six months or so. I love short stories, I love writing them and reading them, so I will always do so. But I thought making 365 in a year was too big of an ask. I even said in the original post that I expected to fail but that it would be fun to see how close I got.

Well, fuck me sideways if I haven’t gone and done it. Although, maybe I shouldn’t celebrate yet… I still have 19 more to read and  a baby due in eight weeks. But I’m confident I’ll make it.

I’ve updated the page here where I’ve been listing all the short stories in this challenge. As you can see, there’s a lot of short fiction podcasts. There’s no way I’d have achieved this without those. Listening to stories while I drive, mow the lawn and so on is one of my favourite pleasures and the only thing that’s kept this tally anywhere close to completion. I’ve also included the full Table of Contents from publications that feature my own stories, but I haven’t counted my stories in the total. That seems like cheating.

I’ll post again at the end of November and hopefully the final tally will be well in excess of the required 365. Have you been playing along? How’s your total?