Here are a few reasons to think that humanity has a limited time on this planet.

There are so many intelligent, artistic people out there that could help to turn humanity into something truly wonderful. Trouble is, there are that many more complete Idiots. Remember Mr Moran a couple of posts ago? He’s not so much a minority as a base average it seems.

Take this for example. This is an attempt by the Idiots to kill off normal people in their ongoing quest to take over the world.


Fortunately, the traps of stupid people are usually pretty easy to spot and more likely to catch other Idiots. But not always. There’s this one, that is a little bit more cunning than usual.


Perhaps the Idiots are hoping that normal folk will test the sign to see if it’s correct and slit their throat in the process. You have to realise, they think like Idiots. This also bears all the hallmarks of one of those Idiot Specialists that make a point of refining their Idiocy to a specific field. In this case it would be the Litigation/Occupational Health & Safety Idiot. Quite possibly this sign is actually made by a normal person as a result of the Specialist Idiot.

And then there’s this one, which is a sign trying to turn us all into Idiots. It’s an attempt to make us accept them as normal, which is the first slippery step of sliding down to their level.


Don’t become complacent. We can resist this slow and creeping Idiocy takeover if we try. Don’t just shake your head and sigh. Expose Idiots wherever you find them. Punch one if you like, but don’t tell anyone I told you to do that.