A ‘Verse Full of Scum – Episode 24

Back from the snow and back on track with the ‘Verse publishing shedule. Episode 24 is online now. Head on over to the Serial Novella page to have a read. In this episode, Ghost takes back control of the situation. Enjoy. .

A ‘Verse Full of Scum – Episode 23

I know, it’s late – I apologise. I’m having a few days off enjoying the Australian winter ski season up in Thredbo. It’s been a long time since I last skiid and it’s taking a while for the old skills to come back. Man, my legs hurt. But...

32 sci fi novels you should read, apparently

Well, according to How To Split An Atom anyway. (Thanks to S F Signal for pointing this one out.) Why should I read these books? I suppose it’s out of some kind of sense of belonging. A need to fit in. While I would vehemently deny ever doing anything because I...

A ‘Verse Full of Scum – Episode 22

Episode 22 of Verse is up now on the Serial Novella page. In this episode, Ghost has a bit of a tussle with the renegade, Bartellian. Enjoy. .

Homosexual wins 100m

Thanks to Michael over at a Nadder for putting me on to this little beauty. According to The Carpetbagger Report (commentary and analysis on politics in America), there are a number of far-right sites that subscribe to the Associated Press news feed but use an...