Are you as disappointed as me? I can’t be the only one that’s really losing faith in all my favourite science fiction stories. And it’s not only flying cars. According to television we should not only have a base on the moon by now, but we should have lost it nine years ago.

Yeah, they’re still cool!

1984 happened, but 1984 didn’t. Or did it? I suppose we’re closer to the totalitarian Big Brother state now than we’ve ever been, but it’s hardly the vision Orwell perceived. We’re getting there, but it’ll be long after 1984 by the time it’s a true reality.

Admittedly, we have mobile phones now that do things that Captain Kirk could never have imagined his communicator doing. But where are the Vulcans and Klingons? Where are the blue chicks?

Look at her strange alien dancing.

According to John Carpenter a Thing should have been found in the Antarctic twenty six years ago. And why didn’t Mars Attack back in ’96?

Skynet is really falling behind schedule. It should have wiped most of us out eleven years ago, but we’re still waiting for the first really convincing robot.

I need your clothes, your boots and your motorcycle. Oh, and some flesh.

We’re still on track for convincing replicants, but Dr Elden Tyrell really needs to get his finger out if he plans to have them built and subsequently rebelling by 2019.

Replicated for one reason only.

But I think it’s really the lack of flying cars that upsets me the most.