There’s this meme going around Facebook: In no more than 15 minutes list 15 authors who have really struck a chord with you and will stay with you. I did this a while ago, then it came up again. I couldn’t find my original post, so I just did a new 15. Then I started wondering how much crossover there might be, so went and found the original post after all. There’s quite a bit of crossover. Here’s my original 15:

1. Clive Barker
2. Stephen King
3. Ursula Le Guin
4. Alan Moore
5. Anne McCaffrey
6. Robert Silverberg
7. Arthur C Clarke

8. Iain Banks
9. William Gibson
10. H P Lovecraft
11. Garth Ennis
12. James Herbert
13. Philip K Dick

14. Peter Watts
15. Douglas Adams

And here’s the second version:

1. Clive Barker
2. Ursula Le Guin
3. Iain Banks
4. Michael Moorcock
5. Alan Moore
6. H P Lovecraft
7. Anne McCaffrey
8. Garth Ennis
9. William Gibson
10. Peter Watts
11. Douglas Adams
12. Stephen King
13. J R R Tolkien
14. Neil Gaiman
15. A A Milne

Authors who only appear once are bolded. A variation between lists of only four people. That means I have a definitive list of 19, I guess. Interesting. For list 1 I had a more sci-fi brain on and list 2 a more fantasy brain. I have to say, as a list of 19 it’s pretty awesome.