100 Stories coverI posted a while ago that I have a story in the forthcoming 100 Stories for Queensland anthology. This is a great book, with 100 stories by a fantastic range of authors, with all profits going to the Queensland Premier’s Flood Appeal to help the survivors of the terrible floods in Queensland earlier this year. It’s dropped out of the news cycle now with so much else going on in the world, but those people up there are still struggling and are really in need of continued help. I’m so pleased to have a story in this book and I hope it sells like crazy to get some well-deserved funds up to those survivors.

As you can see, the book now has a cover. Click on the image for a bigger version and you’ll see all the contributors names are included. Cool!

The book also has a release date – it’s going to be available worldwide on Tuesday 3rd May, 2011. Make a note so you can get your copy and please do spread this around so as many people as possible hear about the book. The authors all contributed their work and the publisher and editors are all donating their considerable time and effort for nothing to make this thing happen, so let’s reward all of them by buying copies and getting the proceeds up to those people in desperate need as soon as possible. Please, share the link to this post and you can keep up with things on the official 100 Stories site and on the 100 Stories Facebook page.