Writer’s prompt – phrase book page D

I see things all around me in everyday life that trigger ideas for stories. I’m regularly snapping photos, making notes, recording voice memos and so on. Evernote for iPhone is a tremendous tool, which lets me takes notes as text, attach links, photos, video and voice recordings and sync them to my laptop for later. And I still carry a pad and pen pretty much everywhere, of course. Anyway, I thought I’d start sharing some of those story prompts here. After all, for everything I find inspiring, I’m sure many other writers will find equal inspiration in it. Or maybe not. Hopefully they’ll get something completely different out of it than I do.

So today, it’s a page from a French language phrse book. My wife has been studying up on her French lately and she read out this page of D words and said, “Hell, there’s got to be a story in there, right?” It is a delicious selection of words that immediately got me thinking. So maybe it’ll work for you and your writerly friends too. Enjoy!


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