Would you like to buy my sock?

It’s not a question you’d expect to hear often, is it? In fact, you could relatively safely assume that it’s a question you’d never hear. Well, maybe not.



It’s a shoddy sign, quite weathered, but that really is what it says. I had to snap this shot quickly with my phone just as we were all pulling away at a set of lights, so it’s a shame that the image isn’t clearer, but there you go.

I was tempted to honk my horn just to see what would happen. Was it really plausible that he would have pulled over and tried to sell me his sock? The thing that really interested me is that he wasn’t even offering the pair; just a single sock. Perhaps he woke up one morning and thought, “You know, I could get by with just one sock from each pair, and imagine the money I could make off the other ones!”

It’s a whacky, whacky world out there, people.

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One thought on “Would you like to buy my sock?

  1. This van is parked outside my work every day.
    every time i go past it i laugh so hard.
    makes me wanna get me 1 stupid 1 like that.

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