Win a copy of Dead Red Heart

You’ll remember I’ve mentioned a couple of times that my short story, Punishment Of The Sun, is in the new anthology of Australian vampire stories, Dead Red Heart, from Ticonderoga Publications. Talking to the publisher recently, I asked if they’d be interested in giving a copy away to a lucky reader here. They said yes.

So if you’re interested in reading a fantastic tome packed with 33 stories about vampires in Australia, it’s as easy as this: Leave me a comment, telling me something interesting about vampires, and the one I find the most interesting by the end of the week will win the book. Hint: your interesting “facts” about vampires don’t have to be true. They can be, but I’m open to anything, so get commenting.


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25 thoughts on “Win a copy of Dead Red Heart

  1. The reason there are no vampires in Middle Earth is that the vampires couldn’t stand that the elves were more elegant and handsome than them. Also, Hobbit blood made them drowsy.

  2. Vampires must count spilled rice. Young vampires have an urge to count any rice that is spilt in front of them. (The Blood Countess by Marianne de Pierres)

  3. The word ‘vampire’ by definition must come from the words ‘vamp’ and ‘ire’ – which basically must mean they are ‘something patched up’ + ‘with intense anger’. So is that an angry person covering up that anger (probably) or like many of us, a normal person with angry patches. Hmmm, maybe we’re all a tiny bit vampirish!?

  4. In Octavia Butler’s Kindred the Ina (vampires) were mixing black human DNA with themselves so they could be out during the day – without severe burns and so they could be awake during the day.

  5. It’s well known that vampires secrete a potent form of Hirudin (The anticoagulant produced by leeches) when biting their victims to prevent blood clotting. However, failure to regularly sweep out his crypt resulted in a severe case of slaframine toxicosis from the fungus Rhizoctonia leguminocola for the vampire Count Arithmomania von Willebrand in the mid-14th century, which caused excessive salivation and subsequently the only recorded case of vampiric haemophilia.

    The resulting rampant need for blood was matched only by the Count’s need to obsessively keep track of all his victims, and his half century-long murderous rampage down the length of the Urals mountain range was only halted when he bled out from a paper cut during his feverish filing.

  6. Little known fact: a vampire invented night-vision goggles for finding people to feed on during cold and flu season.

  7. It’s not the “powers” or immortality of vampires that captivate us – these are just their tools. We are fascinated by, and drawn to, the overwhelmingly sensual and sexual nature of the vampiric condition.

    The burning desire; the predatory hunt, the seduction; the intimate act of penetration and the moment of climax, as the warm lifeblood is released.

    Run your tongue over your teeth. Trace a careful finger over the delicate curve of a loved one’s neck. Then deny the dark urge to take a moment of passionate intimacy and let it stretch into infinity. I dare you.

  8. Contrary to popular belief, vampires can survive daylight. They chose to hide themselves amongst us in roles that both satisfied their cravings for blood and kept their rather different existence secret. They chose to work in the tax department.

  9. Stealing the left sock of a vampire will render them harmless; no vampire can handle a reality of unmatched socks (c/o Terry Pratchett)

  10. Hey Alan,
    Lost you a few years back when i changed from my space to facebook. Good to see yoour still writing. My wife is into the vampire books, shes read all the twilight series, not sure which series shes on now, would be interested in purchasing Dead Red Heart for her. Talk to ya later.

  11. Ah ah ah, Red Bakersen’s flu season comment is really good. But I don’t think that people should be lurking the streets (usually where vampires hunt, yes?) when they are ill. However, many gangsters and hooligans lurk the streets and cause shenanigans regularly. I am most positive, Alan, that vampires are insane UFC fans. I know, it’s apparently got the same appeal as bars for AA members.

  12. Okay, I have to call a winner on this one.

    Firstly, thanks so much to everyone for entering – there’s some great comments made. I wish I could give you all a book.

    First, some honourary mentions:

    Red Bakersen for the simplicity of “Vampires LOVE cheese”. That keeps making me laugh!

    Daniel Simpson for getting in a good dig at spec fic writers!

    Dragonsally for the great concept of hobbit blood making vampires drowsy!

    But the winner for me has to be Damien for the depth and absurdity of Count Arithmomania von Willebrand’s death by papercut. Well done, Damien! My email address is in the right sidebar under the typewriter – email me your postal address and I’ll get the publisher to send you your book.

    For the rest of you, I can’t recommend this anthology highly enough, and not only because I have a story in it. It’s a fantastic book, so get yourselves a copy. You won’t regret it.

    Amazon – Click here.

    Book Depository – Click here.

    Indie Books Online (Australia) – Click here.

    Publisher – Click here.

  13. The copy will be in the mail this weekend.

    We’re hoping to have various ebook editions out by mid-year, once we get a few other things done (like paying our wonderful writers!)


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