Why The Phantom Menace was awful

I picked this up from S F Signal and enjoyed every minute of it. Essentially it’s a review of Star Wars: The Phantom Menace. We all know that the prequel movies took the original Star Wars trilogy, one of the best things ever committed to film, and shat repeatedly all over them, forever tarnishing something wonderful. But why exactly were those prequels so bad? Well, Lucas pissed all over his legacy by relying on CGI and completely nonsensical plots as a vehicle for selling merchandise and computer games, along with trying to further his own interest in symbiosis, among many other travesties. But fundamentally the prequels were really, really bad storytelling. All the other stuff is awful, but the story just made no sense at all.

This series of seven ten minute videos is a review that completely deconstructs The Phantom Menace and does a great job of explaining just how bad the storytelling is. The review is also very funnily and creepily done. It’s worth 70 minutes of your time.

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2 thoughts on “Why The Phantom Menace was awful

  1. That was great (except for the [ironically] extremely unfunny serial killer jokes) — worth me being sleep-deprived this morning!

    Would be great if he did similar reviews of other crap movies.

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