ThrillerCast episodes up

thrillercastI’ve been a bit remiss in reminding people about the new episodes of ThrillerCast, the podcast I do with fellow author David Wood. While the podcast is essentially about reading, writing and publishing in the thriller genre, there’s a lot of cross-genre talk and all kinds of other interesting stuff. Since I last mentioned it, four new episodes have gone up.

ThrillerCast Episode 5 – Writing a novel

ThrillerCast episode 6 – Writing a thriller, part 2

ThrillerCast episode 7 – The Kent Holloway interview

ThrillerCast Episode 8 – Escapism

You can find all those episodes here:

Next up is a review of Trent Jamieson’s debut novel Death Most Definite, followed by an interview with the man himself. Be sure to subscribe via iTunes, then you won’t need me to remind you. Which I’m clearly not very good at.


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