ThrillerCast, episode 11 is up

thrillercastThe latest episode of ThrillerCast is up with myself and fellow Gryphonwood author, David Wood. It’s called ThrillerCast, but we talk about all kinds of genre fiction, as usual.

This time it’s an episode mainly about description, and what kinds of description work in various styles of fiction. Of course, we ramble on about a bunch of other stuff too. Our usual 20 minute timeframe is stretched out to about 30 minutes in this one.

You can find the show notes here and the download link. You can also subscribe through iTunes. Enjoy, and feel free to offer feedback. We’re still quite new at this.


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6 thoughts on “ThrillerCast, episode 11 is up

  1. Looking forward to it – have already listened to the first 10, and enjoyed them immensely. Especially like the bit at the end with the ‘outake’ comments.

  2. Theres something wrong on the iTunes version – the download cuts off after 3:24. Tried it twice just to be sure.

  3. Thanks for the heads up, James. Looks like an issue with the original upload to libsyn. It should be good to go again by tomorrow. Please try again then!

  4. Just checked on iTunes and it seems to be good to go. Please let us know if you continue having problems. We appreciate you listening!

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