The plane home

The trip home has begun. The looooong trip home. We’ve got to Dubai and are killing time before the last leg into Sydney. Free wifi at the transit lounge is a good distraction (although Metal As Fuck is a blocked site!)

On the first leg of the trip I watched Clash Of The Titans. Mindless eye candy but most entertaining. Then I watched Ondine. It’s a selkie tale with Colin Farrell and was absolutely brilliant. I highly recommend it. I had one major issue with it but I’m prepared to let that go.

Wonder what I’ll watch during the next (fourteen hour!) flight.


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2 thoughts on “The plane home

  1. Late catching up on blogs, but I’m glad you made it home okay.

    I thought Clash of the Titans was okay, but they should have called it something else. It really wasn’t anything like the original movie. The characters, attitudes towards the gods, everything was different. Seriously.

    Again, glad you made it home okay!

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