Swancon 36, Natcon 50 – Initiate!

It’s convention time again – that place where you see the SF fan in its natural habitat. Where SF creators mix and mingle, drowning their rejection sorrows at whatever chosen bar they’ve decended upon. There are panels of expert import and workshops of interesting stuff. There are dealers selling books, oh, so many books (and other stuff)! There are movie screenings and masquerade balls, cosplay contests and somewhere, guaranteed, there will be at least one Jedi. Most likely there will be many.

There’s nothing quite like a con and nothing quite like a Natcon, or National Convention. This year the Natcon is Swancon 36 in Perth, WA. I’m getting ready to fly over there on tomorrow for five days of CONtentment. See what I did there? I’m excited not only for the con and the chance to catch up with so many friends, but because it’ll be my first time in Perth as well.

Here are the details:

Swancon Thirty Six | Natcon Fifty
21-25 April 2011
Hyatt Hotel, Adelaide Tce, Perth

I’ve got a few commitments for this con:

On Friday night I’ll be joining in with The Gentlemens Entomology Club – a kind of role-playing, storytelling piece of nonsense, where a bunch of us will be making up tall tales on the spot in front of an audience. Should be quite a laugh.

Tai Chi Wellness Session
Sunday, 24 April
8:30 AM
Ballroom North

This is simply a group Tai Chi class I’ll be teaching for an hour, wearing my “day job” hat. It’s nice that the con is putting on a variety of things like this. I just hope I’m in a fit state to teach at 8.30 on a Sunday. Must remember to retire early from the bar on Saturday. (Ha! As if!)

Write The Fight Right
Sunday, 24 April
10:30 AM
Ballroom North

This is my two hour workshop on writing good fight scenes. I really enjoy this every time I do it, and now I even have the book to back it up with.

I’ll be sitting at the Ticonderoga Publications table in dealer’s room at some point, doing a signing. I’ll be signing my novels as well as the Ticonderoga book, Dead Red Heart, which features my story, Punishment Of The Sun, along with loads of other awesome yarns. I’m happy to sign pretty much anything you want, so drop by and say hello. With that in mind, I’ll also be attending the launch of the Dead Red Heart anthology and the Ticonderoga party at 5pm on Sunday.

There are still a last couple of things being ironed out, including talk of a Zombie panel. I’m not sure if that’s a panel of zombies or about zombies – I’m game either way.

Other times I’ll be generally milling around the place, enjoying the con. Come and say hi. I’ll be tweeting the whole thing, as much as time and available signal allows, so follow me on Twitter, @AlanBaxter, and follow @natcon50 too. Watch the #swancon hashtag for updates.

Hope to see you there!


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