Spec Fic writers of the Illawarra

If you’re a member of the New South Wales Writers Centre, check out the latest issue of Newswrite to find an article by Laura Goodin about the plethora of spec fic writers in the Wollongong area. There’s a bunch of us and we’re all friends, as are most spec fic writers around Australia – the community here is really tight. Laura decided to write an article about it.

We all got together at a pub in Wollongong and drank beer, talked about Starship Enterprise pizza cutters and had our photo taken for the magazine article. There were lots of pictures taken. Of course, as I should have anticipated, they used the one where I’m fucking about. I said, “Hey, maybe I should pose all China Mieville!” and stood apart from the group with my arms folded. So that’s the shot they used. Oh well.

Nathan Hill, Rob Hood, Cat Sparks, Richard Harland and me. (Pic by Laura Goodin)

I certainly don’t have what Mieville has, because I appear to have given myself several extra chins, while Mieville always looks all moody and mysterious. I just look smug.

You can learn all about the NSW Writers Centre here.


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4 thoughts on “Spec Fic writers of the Illawarra

  1. Don’t you just hate it when good photos go bad. I always have trouble getting a good pic of me, but then the subject’s not much to work with. :p I think it is so cool that you all get together in the flesh.

  2. Well, that’s what happens when you mess about. I avoid photos for that very reason.

    That aside, it’s great that your community is tight. It must feel good to know you have understanding comrades close by.

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