Speak of characters and critique shall appear

Funny. I’d just published the previous post about characters, then off I went to check my Google Alerts. I found a review of RealmShift by Karen Lee Field. I know Karen from a great writers messageboard that sadly no longer exists and I usually read her blog. I’m rather honoured to discover that RealmShift was the first ebook Karen ever read, on her new iPod Touch, and it was a pleasant experience for her in terms of ebook reading and enjoyment of my novel. It’s an all round superwin!

Interestingly, among other things, Karen had this to say:

I was pleased to find characters with depth, characters I could relate to. Strangely, I could even understand why the bad characters were bad, which means they were well written and fully developed.

I take that as an enormous compliment. At least I know I can do it. Acheiving the same thing in my short fiction might be harder, but I know I have it in me. You can read the whole review here if you’re interested.

Thanks Karen if you’re reading! I’m glad you liked the book. You going to read MageSign too? People tell me it’s better.


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8 thoughts on “Speak of characters and critique shall appear

  1. Excellent. Now I’m a bit nervous, hoping that you like it, hopefully more than RealmShift. And welcome to the world of ebooks. It’s an exciting time for reading.

  2. Just finished ‘RealmShift’ and I agree that the character development was really good. I totally understood why the one evil bastard was so evil. Sam I wasn’t as sure of, but the mercenary I could totally see. I’m curious about Isiah though, wondering more about his background and why he was ‘chosen.’


  3. Hey ganymeder – glad you enjoyed RealmShift. I often had to go outside and get fresh air after writing scenes with Carlos (the mercenary) in them. Getting inside his head was pretty disturbing! You going to read MageSign too? You might get to understand Isiah a bit more from that, although there’s not much more of his origins. (BTW, love to have you leave a review at Amazon, Smashwords, etc…!) 🙂

  4. I did buy the book at Smashwords, so I don’t understand why it wouldn’t work for me.

    Gah, I don’t understand why my reviews aren’t showing up. I tried Amazon again, and when I tried to review it a second time it told me I’m only allowed to review it once. But when I search, my review doesn’t show up. Maybe there’s a delay?

  5. I expect there is a delay at Amazon – there is for pretty much everything. Not sure about the Smashwords ones though.

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