Smashwords – get busy with the ebook

You all know by now what a massive fan of Smashwords I am. It’s the best site for ebook publishing, in my opinion, with distribution feeds to all the major stockists and outlets. I’ve been with Smashwords from nearly the beginning and watched them grow from strength to strength while they’ve done an awesome job of making my books available as multi-format ebook editions.

Loads of authors and publishers are turning to Smashwords to publish ebook editions of their published print work, self-publish their work or publish work by new and established authors alike.

Get on board. At the moment there’s a “Spread the Word about Smashwords” promotion going on, and I’m getting involved to help. Below is a slideshow all about them. Vive le revolution!

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3 thoughts on “Smashwords – get busy with the ebook

  1. I’m a recent convert to Smashwords having released a kind of sample collection through there and am loving it so far. Such an easy way for people to get books too. No DRM or anything. If only the big players would realise this.

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