Set course for the Mozzarella System

It doesn’t need to be said that I’m a complete nerd. I’m proud of it. Here’s further proof. My good friend Cat Sparks made me aware of this awesome piece of merchandise and I had to have one:

It’s a pizza cutter, Jim, but not as we know it.

Bloody effective too, it cuts a great slice of pizza.

Cat got one too, as did another friend and we’re planning to have a pizza party soon where all the pizzas will be sliced by a fleet of Enterprises.

Come on, admit it – you’re a little bit jealous.


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4 thoughts on “Set course for the Mozzarella System

  1. Live long and propser. Or, it you are a Vulcan roadie, Lug long and perspire.
    A friend of mine would love that piece of technology (if he doesn’t already have it, ubergeek that he is).

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