Service interruption due to kicking butt

I apologise if things are a bit quiet around here for a couple of weeks. As most of you probably know, my “day job” is teaching people to kick butt – I’m a Warrior Scribe. Martial arts practice and instruction, just like writing, requires constant practice and improvement, and the taking of every opportunity to learn. For the next two weeks I’m at an intensive Master training seminar with my teacher in Sydney, training six hours a day and spending the evenings drinking with training buddies, then collpasing into bed with phrases like, “Ow, my fucking arms!”, “Where did that bruise come from?” and “Holy shit, Kung Fu hurts but it’s so freaking cool!”

So posting here will be infrequent if not non-existent until mid-December. In the meantime, let me leave you with a word and a challenge. The word is collop. It’s good, epiglottal sort of word, huh?

1. A small slice of meat.
2. A small slice, portion, or piece of anything.
3. A fold or roll of flesh on the body.

The challenge is this – use it in a sentence in everyday speech. If someone asks if you want ham on your sandwich, say, “Sure, just a collop, thanks.” Or perhaps say to your loved one, “Baby, let me lick your collops.” You know, that sort of thing. Do feel free to comment with any successful usages of the word. And you’re welcome – it’s a good’un, I know.


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