RealmShift review and interview at a writer goes on a journey

a writer goes on a journey is a great review site and official news site of the Australian Science Fiction & Fantasy Writers Association, or ASFFWA. (Which we like to pronounce AsssFWA!) They recently reviewed RealmShift and interviewed me as part of Aussie Author Month.

There are some nice comments in the review, such as:

It’s more than intriguing to entertain the ideas in his book.

As popular as it is for reviews to state that fans of X or readers of Y will like Z book, Baxter makes comparison impossible, but that’s not a bad thing. He has gone out on a limb to produce new fiction, first self publishing and then getting a reprint deal from a small press, and he has succeeded with RealmShift.

You can read the full review here.

In the interview I talk about the process of getting RealmShift into print, and other aspects of my writing and publishing life. You can read the interview here.


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