RealmShift and MageSign reviewed at The Specusphere

I was checking out The Specusphere over the weekend and saw that my novels have been reviewed there this month. It’s a very nice review too.

Due to the style of the writing, the view of religion, the rollicking fight scenes, (and Baxter knows his stuff – check out the Kung Fu link on his webpage below!) and the author’s tendency not to shrink away from flowery language this is not a book I would recommend for anyone with delicate sensibilities. For everyone else out there who enjoys a good bit of dark fiction, get it on your Christmas wish list, then believe hard in Santa.

That’s right, folks. Leave you delicate sensibilities at the door and put them on your wish list. I can supply signed copies for that extra special Xmas gift if you contact me directly through this site.

Full review here.


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