RealmShift – Kindle edition now at Amazon

Very cleverly (and completely coincidentally) timed to coincide with the release of the Kindle 2 ebook reader from Amazon, my novel RealmShift is now available in a Kindle edition direct from You can currently order it for just US$3.19, which is even cheaper than the smashwords ebook edition. The standard list price is US$3.99, still a lot cheaper than the paperback edition for those modern ereader fans.

So if you’re a Kindle user, go and grab a copy now. Do me favour and leave a review once you’ve read the book to get the Kindle edition page at amazon a little bit populated.


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3 thoughts on “RealmShift – Kindle edition now at Amazon

  1. Hey Alan – I thought you could only load to Kindle if you have a US bank account and tax ID? when I last tried that was a problem – can anyone now load to Kindle ?

    Thanks, Jo

  2. Hi jo

    No, you’re right about the US bank account and tax thing. Fortunately I have a friend in the US with a publishing company and we’ve got a co-operative agreement thing going on.

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