A little more publishing success

This is what makes it all worthwhile.

I would write whether people wanted to read my stuff or not, let’s get that clear from the outset. I’m a writer. I have stories to tell. I love it when other people read my stories and enjoy them, especially when they tell me what moved them and why. I was ecstatic when I heard that two customers at Infinitas Books in Parramatta had pre-ordered MageSign after reading RealmShift, before I’d even finished writing it. Things like that make a writer glow inside. But, I would still write without all those things; it’s just something I’m driven to do.

However, there is always that dichotomy – I would write anyway, but I love to get published. Rejections always burn. Any writer gets used to rejections very quickly, or they stop submitting (no writer would stop writing!) But however used to rejections you get, they always burn. So that just makes the acceptances so much sweeter.

You may remember I posted at the beginning of this month about the short story submissions I had out there at the moment. A couple of the things I mentioned were:

A whimsical sci-fi vignette is under consideration at a UK based online magazine…

… I have another flash fiction piece being considered at Antipodean SF.

I’m very happy to say that they’ve both been accepted for publication. I made a mistake in my previous post saying that only the Antipodean SF one was not a paying market. As it happens, the other publication that accepted is not a paying market either. So out of eight submissions currently out there, two have been accepted. It would be nice if they were two of the paying ones rather than the only two non-paying markets, but publication is publication.

Antipodean SF is a flash fiction online magazine that is very well respected and quite a hard nut to crack. I’m very pleased to have a second piece accepted by them. The story is called The Book and will appear in issue 136 of Antipodean SF, in October this year.

The other piece is a story called Crossfire and that has been accepted by The Oddville Press, a PDF spec fic magazine. Crossfire will appear in volume 1, issue 4 of The Oddville Press, due out mid June this year.

I’ll make sure to post here and let you know when those publications are out and you can have a read.

So out of eight submissions, two have been accepted for publication, two more are shortlisted, one is longlisted and the others I’m yet to hear back on. Not a bad result all round so far. Fingers crossed that those on the shortlists will get accepted, especially as they’re the paying ones (and they’re for magazines that I really want to appear in!)

So keep at it – it’s not all rejections. You can see Antipodean SF here and The Oddville Press here – both well worth a look and both free to read.


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6 thoughts on “A little more publishing success

  1. Congrats on your successes Alan! I don’t know the feeling of having writing rejected (or accepted), but I have experienced a lot of other rejection and feel prepared to handle it. I’ve read tons of stories from different publishers just to get an idea of what some are looking for.

    One thing is clear to me: writing a great short story is very difficult. It really is. Actually, the shorter it is, the more difficult it is. I’m working on different tales, and when I get one I feel is worthy, I’ll submit it. I’ll keep at it and love what I do. I’m truly a beginner at this, and I am gaining a clearer idea now. I like being here not knowing what I’m really doing, it feels like college (or kindergarten) all over again:)

  2. Hey Bobby – I’m still learning too! You’re right about writing a good story – it’s really hard and always a challenge that changes. Different lengths, different markets all require different things. But the lessons you learn along the way apply to all your writing.

    I feel like I’m slowly learning more and more about this craft as I go along. And it does feel good, even when the rejections come in. I’m very excited to be at the forefront of the indie publishing movement, that’s just growing every day, as well as being a (very small!) part of the traditional publishing world.

  3. Congrats on the acceptances. I guess the lesson here, like with all things to do with getting published, is that is you don’t submit, you can’t get published.

    I have one story out there at the moment. Hope to have some more out there soon too.

  4. Ben – Absolutely. The other thing that’s very important to learn is that you can always improve on a work. Every bit of feedback is valuable. Every time something of mine gets rejected I work over it again. I’d like to think it gets better every time it goes out!

  5. Congrats, Alan.

    Excellent news. Make sure you celebrate (another important thing to remember!).

    I look forward to seeing them when they’re published.

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