The posts that never die

Sometimes you write a blog post and get the feeling that not a single soul ever read it. Other times you write something and it sets a fire under someone. This has happened recently. I don’t know how many of you go back and check old posts for new comments – my guess is none of you.

So I thought I’d bring this to your attention. Back at the end of December last year I wrote a post about the bizarre rise of “Real Life Superheroes”. It was a small and innocuous post, mainly taking the piss out of a couple of losers that were learning that life isn’t like the comics. However, it turns out that there are people out there that take themselves way more seriously and get upset about bad superhero press.

Here’s the post in question. Have a quick read, then be entertained by the stream of comments. It’s still going strong even today. Feel free to add your comments and take this rare opportunity to engage with a real life superhero.


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11 thoughts on “The posts that never die

  1. holy smokes batman, what a goldmine!

    will join that barrel of fun when home from work

    my question is how could you keep it from the rest of us for almost a month?!

  2. Well, actually it didn’t occur to me until today that others probably hadn’t noticed it. Hence this post. Be nice now! 🙂

  3. Going through those comments I felt like a boy in a candy store — didn’t know where to start!

    At least the insults have died a bit (part of me wishes I jumped in earlier when things were more heated). Well more than part of me…

  4. I’m taking odds on a crew cut, camo trousers and a lot of guys who were kicked out of the Marine Corp.


  5. Dude, I need to design my costume. I could wear my SpongeBob boxers outside my thermal underwear, make a cape out of my Elvis beach towel, and wear one of my wife’s thongs as a mask. No, scratch that last bit…

  6. BT – You could be onto something there.

    Debbie – Glad you’re enjoying it.

    Dave – You just soiled my imagination!

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