Planet of the Knob Heads

I had to share this one. Thanks for my friend, Cat Sparks, for pointing it out. Although I’m somewhat concerned that she saw it and thought of me. My favourite part? Other than the truly awesome title, note how it’s a “new book length novel“! Brilliant. (Cat found it here.)

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4 thoughts on “Planet of the Knob Heads

  1. The author in question who paid people to write positive reviews has been universally vilified on the Net. I keep wondering what might have happened if he’d paid people to write negative reviews. Seriously. Even Edward Wood has a following among film fans.

  2. I’m a knob and I found my home planet!! Thank you so much for telling me about my origins! I can’t thank you enough so as a present for you I’ll suck your knob.

    P.S SWAG

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