NZ Speculative Fiction Blogging Week

That’s pronounced “Un Zud Spiculatuv Fuction Bloggung Wik”.

Okay, obligatory New Zealand piss-take out of the way, I can get on with the point of this post. (It would be considered un-Australian if I made a post about New Zealand without poking fun at their accent).

So, 14th-20th September is NZ Speculative Fiction Blogging Week.

From the announcement:

This is an opportunity for anyone in (or even with links to) New Zealand to talk about Speculative Fiction, to publicise what they’ve been doing or simply share some knowledge. It’s an opportunity to learn what others have been reading, writing, watching or drawing, to start a conversation, to gather some recommendations for reading or some tips for writing.
NZ Speculative Fiction Blogging Week is organised by Core members of SpecFicNZ, who are working towards the launch of a national SpecFic Writers organisation in 2010.

Because speculative fiction still doesn’t get the recognition it deserves in New Zealand and because there are so many people out there doing so many exciting things – and so often they don’t know about each other.

Read more here at the original post about this event.

There are links from the above post to all kinds of articles about Spec Fic in NZ. There’s some really interesting bits and pieces to be found there. Go and have a look and support our Spec Fic cousins on the other side of the Tasman Sea. And for those overseas readers, notwithstanding my cruelty at the start of this post, you can learn that not everyone in New Zealand is like Bret and Jemaine from Flight Of The Conchords. Just like not all Aussies are like Steve Irwin or Mick Dundee (though many probably like to think they are).


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