Night-Mantled, the best of Wily Writers

Night-MantledIt’s all about the announcements right now. You may remember in a post a few days ago I was talking about great fiction podcasts. One of those I mentioned was Wily Writers. They do great podcasts, with two new stories every month. Well, their first print anthology, called Night-Mantled, the best of Wily Writers Volume 1, is due out in March and I’m very proud to have a story in it. As you can see, the cover art has been released.

Wily podcast my story, Stand Off, back in July 2009. It’s an Isiah short story (the protagonist from RealmShift and MageSign) and I’m really pleased to see it selected as one of the Best Of stories for this book.

Here’s the blurb for the anthology:


Out of the darkness come the monsters, the mysteries, and the miracles that engage our minds and engorge our hearts.

This collection of short stories from exceptionally wily writers will take you from looking over your shoulder to pondering the wonders of the universe and back again.

The Speculative Fiction podcast chooses only the best two stories per month from its submissions and records them for your listening pleasure.

This volume collects Year #1’s best of the best.

Author Lineup:

* Alan Baxter: “Stand Off”
* Jennifer Brozek: “Honoring the Dead”
* SatyrPhil Brucato: “I Feel Lucky”
* Nathan Crowder: “Ink Calls to Ink”
* Richard E. Dansky: “Small Cold Thing”
* Seanan McGuire: “Julie Broise and the Devil”
* Lisa Morton:“Sane Reaction”
* Ripley Patton: “A Speck in the Universe”
* Grant Stone: “The Salt Line”
* Joel A. Sutherland: “The Death of Captain Eugene Bloodcake and the Fall of the Horrid Whore”
* Bruce Taylor: “The Prey”
* Mark W. Worthen: “The Minimart, the Ruger, and the Girl”

You can learn all you need to know here. I’ll let you know when the book’s available for pre-order or purchase.


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