Nerd humour – snort!

I was reading the comics in the Sydney Morning Herald today and this made me do a little nerdsnort.

In case you can’t read it – it doesn’t scan well for some reason – it says:

Her – Well, so far, Joe, you’re acing the pre-marriage questionnaire
Him – Yes!

Her – But I have to warn you, the next question is sort of a Kobayashi Maru…
Him – Ah, but I don’t believe in no-win scenarios!

You can see it.

Her – You just lost points for so easily getting that geeky “Star Trek” reference
Him – Oooh… That was sneaky.

The trouble is, I did my little nerdsnort when I read her part in panel 2, then got a bit subdued at panel 4. I’d have lost points too.

For those non-Trekkies reading, here’s the explanation you’ll be requiring.

EDIT: Here’s the proper one from today’s gocomics – Non Sequitur


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8 thoughts on “Nerd humour – snort!

  1. With last year’s Star Trek movie reaching the masses, this not as ultra nerdy as it could have been. If you got the reference prior to that movie, there’s a good chance you would not be sitting doing a pre-marriage questionnaire with anything but a computer avatar!

  2. I wouldn’t say I *LOVED* it, but it had a lot of good parts. My biggest problem was when certain characters (that I won’t name because of Spoilers) acted Waaaaaaaaaay out of character. It just took me out of the story completely. But even if the entire movie was terrible (which it wasn’t except for those scenes), seeing Old Spock made the whole thing worth it.

    I bought it as a Xmas gift for hubby. I watch most of it with him, but I have to walk out during a certain transporter scene!

    Oh, and if you’re interested, I did write a Spoilerific Movie Review on my blog …

    Ummmm, Yeah, if I didn’t before, I guess I just outed myself as a nerd. *snort*

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