Murdoch University are out of their freaking minds

This situation has suddenly cropped up all over the web, with lots of my friends (and plenty of people I don’t know) justifiably furious. It is, in a word, fuckingridiculous.

Via Chris Creagh- Murdoch University have told Grant Stone that his services are no longer required. He has been given 10 days to respond. He was told that SCIENCE FICTION and POPULAR CULTURE are no longer core to the librarys activities! More news on what we might be able to do about this on Monday. Please post this as widely as possible.

I originally saw the above on social networks via Russell B Farr of Ticonderoga Publications, who said this:

While this is really bad news for Grant, the big picture is that Murdoch University has one of the best genre collections in Australia. It is of great academic importance, and to lose this would be a tragedy and a travesty.

Not to mention the complete insanity that apparently popular culture is not a core activity of the library. What kind of bureaucratic madness is that? This is a collection that’s been developed by Grant Stone since the 70s. If you’re a genre fan, or even a fan of “popular culture”, get on board and spread the message of how outraged you are by this. And, while I’d never condone the mass hassling of a University, if that was something you felt inclined towards you can find a very relevant phone number and email address here. Also, write to your local MPs, the Prime Minister, the Vice Chancellor of the Uni, etc. If anyone has the number of the A-Team, give them a heads up while you’re at it.


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6 thoughts on “Murdoch University are out of their freaking minds

  1. this to me looks like a typical example of bureaucratic folly; it seems very unlikely to be a sound and well reasoned decision based on a principled strategy; it sounds more like an opportunistic strike against a ‘soft target’ for the purpose of cost cutting. I cannot imagine that this decision was made by a person who cares at all about literature, never mind valuing research into different genres. The word Troglodyte comes to mind, but I think the decision may indicate a case of “tyrant solipsism”. Tyrant solipsism describes the tendency of persons in positions of power to become less and less able to even perceive points of view different from their own let alone agree that somebody else’s contradictory ideas my be valid.

  2. Hello – I work at Murdoch uni in digital media.

    I don’t know anything about Grant’s position, but I do know that the sci fi collection is staying – I.e. we’re not loosing the collection.

    Just wanted to say something because it sounded like everyone thought it was being destroyed.

  3. Yep the sci fi collection will still be kept up to date.

    Academic staff can recommend any material for purchase by the library – so if its needed for a unit, then it will be purchased and added to the collection.

    So no freeze!

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