Movies on a plane

Long haul travel is always good for catching up on missed films. On our recent flight I watched:

Alice In Wonderland – meh. I was fairly underwhelmed by this one. I really hoped I’d enjoy it more.

Sherlock Holmes – strangely, I thought I wouldn’t like this, but I loved it. The black magic Scooby Doo kinda story was cool.

How To Train Your Dragon – very cute, very clever and surprisingly easy on the heavy moralising for a kid’s animation. Great fun.

Shutter Island – excellent, dark thriller with a stand out cast. By this time I was so far into the flight that this one really bent my brain. Highly recommended.

2012 – about all I had the brain power left for. Impressively visual utter dumbness.


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3 thoughts on “Movies on a plane

  1. Snakes On A Plane would be a good movie on a plane, as would Airplane, but the only one I’ve seen on a plane was The Sixth Sense. Not bad for the disjointed state of mind that a 20-hour flight induces. I spent the rest of the flight reading, writing, and wondering when the guy with the aisle seat would wake up and let me pee. Hour 19 of the 20-hour flight.

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