The One That Got Away and Monstres in the post

It’s a funny old game, this writing business. I was lamenting a couple of recent rejections this morning, feeling misunderstood and cheated. You know, the usual egotistical, self-obsessed writer angst kind of thing. It always passes, but we all fall prey to it from time to time. This morning I didn’t get to wallow in it for long before not one, but two physical objects slapped me back to reality. It’s always a solid reminder of why we do this when we hold a physical book in our hands with our name on the cover.

Today, when I got back from teaching a class, there were two parcels waiting for me. The first was my contributor copy of The One That Got Away anthology from Dark Prints Press, which features my story In The Name Of The Father.

I’m really proud to be in this book, among some truly awesome names. Seriously, check it out: Get your copy from there. I can’t wait to read mine.

The other parcel this morning was my contributor copy of the Monstres! anthology from Celephais Publishing. I can’t read this one, at least, not very well. It’s my first foreign language translation, into French. This time a reprint of my story Deep Sea Fishing, originally published in Seizure magazine. Or perhaps I should say, Peche En Haute Mer.

Again, I’m sharing the ToC with some great names – like Kaaron Warren and Lavie Tidhar – so this is another book I’m very proud to be in.

I’m not going to stress too much about those annoying rejections. I’ll just keep plugging away and soon enough I’ll get more parcels like this morning. It’s a funny old game.


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One thought on “The One That Got Away and Monstres in the post

  1. ‘The One That Got Away’ arrived alongside ‘Mythic Resonance’ in the post yesterday. My cup runneth over!

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