Midnight Echo 6 is out now

ME6Midnight Echo magazine, issue 6, is out now. This is the official magazine of the Australian Horror Writers’ Association and always a great read. This particular issue is a special one – it’s a science-fiction horror special, featuring a great selection of stories including my own yarn, Trawling The Void. It also features the winning short story and flash fiction from the AHWA competition. Also an interview with Charles Stross and an interview with Chris Moore.

You can read an interview with me about my story, and an excerpt of the story, right here. There are interviews with other contributing authors and interviews with the editors too, so you can find out all kinds of stuff and read loads of excerpts before you buy.

The fiction included is:

“Earthworms” by Cody Goodfellow
“Trawling the Void” by Alan Baxter
“Out Hunting For Teeth” by Joanne Anderton
“Graveyard Orbit” by Shane Jiraiya Cummings
“Surgeon Scalpelfingers” by Helen Stubbs
“Silver-Clean” by Jenny Blackford (poem)
“The Wanderer in the Darkness” by Andrew J McKiernan
“Winds of Nzambi” by David Conyers & David Kernot
“Duncan Checks Out” by Nicholas Stella
“Dead Low” by Cat Sparks
“More Matter, Less Art” by Stephen Dedman
“Seeds” by Mark Farrugia

You can get a limited edition print version or any format ebook, so get out there and get your copy now. All the details here.

This blog post brought to you by the word: Interview.


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