Midnight Echo 5 available now

ME5I’m a very proud member of the Australian Horror Writers Association and a big fan of the Association’s magazine, Midnight Echo. I’m really hoping that they’ll buy one of my stories one day. In the meantime, I always enjoy reading it. Issue 5, edited by AHWA President, Leigh Blackmore, is available now.

Midnight Echo 5 is jam-packed with dark fiction, poetry and art. It includes the winners of the AHWA’s 2010 Short Story competition and Flash Fiction Competition (stories by Christopher Green and Jason Fischer), with brand new stories by Terry Dowling, Chandler Kaiden, E. Albert Banstrom, Blair Kelly, Bryce J. Stevens, Mollie Burleson, Christopher Sequeira, Aaron Polson, Felicity Dowker, Rick Kennett, Juliet Bathory, George Ivanoff, Damien Giles, Robert Mammone and John Goodrich.

The issue includes horrific and weird verse by such poets as Kyla Ward, Richard L. Tierney, Fred Phillips, Charles Lovecraft, Michael Fantina, Rosa Christian, Ann K. Schwader, Phillip A. Ellis, Margi Curtis, Joyce Frohn, Mike Berger, Guy Belleranti, Adrienne J. Odasso, John Grey, Ron T. Wilkins and Terrie Leigh Relf.

Dark art by international artists include works by Carl Schaller, Martin Blanco (cover), Shane Ryan, Gaston Locanto, Wayne Palesado, and Tony Karnes.

As an added bonus, this issue features an eight-page graphic story by Mark Farrugia and Greg Chapman.

It’s a seriously beautiful magazine – I’ve got my copy already and it looks fantastic. You can get the PDF edition for $3 or the print edition for $11. AHWA members get the PDF for free. Get your copy here right now!


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2 thoughts on “Midnight Echo 5 available now

  1. I can hardly wait to get my issue. I’m on the other side of the pond in Ocean Beach, San Diego, CA, so it may take a bit longer.

    Thank you for the shout out, too.


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