Marketing fail of the week

My wife spotted this in the paper the other day. It was a full page ad showing fifteen different bras on sale at Myer. The one that really caught her eye was this one:


You’d think that a marketing department would avoid suggesting that a piece of clothing minimised comfort. Ladies, we present the most uncomfortable bra possible! Obviously, they mean that the bra is a minimising design (for those unsightly large boobs? I’m a guy, how am I supposed to understand that?) yet it’s designed to minimise while offering the best possible comfort.

But that’s not what it actually says.


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2 thoughts on “Marketing fail of the week

  1. I could probably write an entire blog post about why minimising (or minimizing here in the U.S.) large boobs is a good thing. But I probably won’t. I will just say that “minimis/zing comfort” is exactly what those things do, so at least it’s an example of Truth In Advertising.

  2. Ha! A rare and unintentional moment of truth in advertising? This ad has more going for it than I thought.

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