MageSign reviewed at Scary Minds

Those fine folk over at Scary Minds have written a very nice review of MageSign. It includes things like:

While I can’t fault Baxter’s writing from a technical viewpoint, the dude can certain string words together, I think it’s the pacing that will turn people into firm fans of the Writer. Baxter doesn’t waste any unnecessary time getting his action happening, and constantly winds up the tension as things start to look very tricky for Isiah and his allies. Magesign gathers momentum from page to page and hits break neck speed as the final confrontation rockets over the horizon. You better hang on there kids, inexperience readers are going to crash and burn on this one.


I would simply point out that if you are after a well written, enthralling read, that doesn’t let up with the surprises and impact, then look no further. Alan Baxter once again delivers an excellent novel, full recommendation on this one.

I do love a good review. You can read the whole thing here.


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