LiveJournal crosspost test

Please excuse this post – I’ve been having trouble with crossposting to LiveJournal. I mean, let’s face it, LiveJournal is deader than MySpace really, but I know lots of people that still use it, like folks desperately cycling along the freeway as cars blitz past at twenty times their speed.

But anyway, I’m just trying this and if it doesn’t work I’m done. Finished. Screw LiveJournal.

As compensation, here’s a picture of Chewbacca riding a giant squirrel, killing Nazis.

EDIT: It didn’t work. Fuck you, LiveJournal, that’s the last straw. You’re Google Wave to me now.


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2 thoughts on “LiveJournal crosspost test

  1. Hahaha LiveJournal. Sometimes I’m so glad I never get onto random things, or I’d have been there as well. It held as much appeal for me as Tumblr does. As much as people love it, I’m skeptical as hell. Do you “get” Tumblr? Do you have one?

    I still don’t get it, but my gut feeling is that it won’t last. 🙂

  2. No, I use Posterous for general internet scrapbookery. See the link in the sidebar to the right. I’ve never really looked into tumblr, but I check a few people who use it from time to time. They’re in my Google Reader though, so whether it’s tumblr or not is fairly irrelevant.

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