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Sites of Great Writers
The websites or fan sites of some of the writers who have influenced and inspired me the most over the years.

Clive Barker A great horror writer and dark fantastist.
Alan Moore Fan site of one of the seminal comics writers.
Michael Moorcock The master of the Eternal Champions.
Douglas Adams Genius futurist – RIP.
Garth Ennis One of the greatest writers in comics.
H P Lovecraft Legend of weird and horrific fiction.
Iain Banks One of the greatest imaginations in the ‘verse.
Ursula K Le Guin She wrote Earthsea. Nuff said.
J R R Tolkien The original master of epic fantasy.
Neil Gaiman Fantastic author and regular blogger.
Peter Watts The blog of one of the greatest SF authors ever.
Stephen King Everyone knows this guy.
Anne McCaffrey The Dragons and Riders of Pern. Blew my young mind.
Terry Pratchett Lord of funny and original fantasy.
William Gibson The original Cyberpunk samurai.
George R R Martin The new master of epic fantasy.
Kaaron Warren Aussie horror author.
Angela Slatter Fantastic Aussie spec fic author.
Lisa L Hannett Aussie author.
Paul Haines – Hapax Legomena Site of the amazing Paul Haines – You have to read his work. Forever loved, never forgotten. Vale, Haines.
Robert Hood Australia’s Godfather of horror.


Other writerly sites of interest
I keep meaning to add to this list, but never get around to it.

David Wood Action-adventure author
Goodreads Social networking set in a library – Alan’s page
S F Signal All sorts of SF/F news
Thirteen O’Clock Australian dark fiction news and reviews (I’m a contributing editor here)
Thriller Central Thriller news, reviews, interviews and more


Miscellaneous Debris
Other websites that are worth a visit. (And yes, this needs adding to as well.)

Alan’s “Day Job” Illawarra Kung Fu Academy
Halinka My wife, acclaimed artist
xkcd My favourite online comic
Jesus and Mo My other favourite online comic
Fail Blue Dot A friend of mine Documenting Humanity’s Failure