The King’s Accord in Flesh & Bone: Rise Of The Necromancers

Flesh & BoneWriting is a bit like a gruelling series of floods and droughts. I write all the time, but I go through months without getting anything accepted for publication, then I get a flood of acceptances all at once. The same thing seems to happen with publication. Nothing comes out for ages, then loads happen at once. As well as my flash fiction piece, Jeff Newman’s Headaches, being published today at 52 Stitches and the recent release of the Best Of Friday Flash anthology, featuring my story, Decennial General Meeting, I’ve just discovered that Flesh & Bone: Rise Of The Necromancers has been released by Pill Hill Press. This anthology features my dark fantasy yarn, The King’s Accord.

The King’s Accord is one of my rarer dips into raw fantasy, in the medieval epic fantasy vein, rather than my usual urban fantasy and horror or sci-fi stuff. Mine is a story about the desperate lengths a queen goes to to save her nation from war. I’m really pleased to have been accepted for publication in this one. By all accounts the competition was stiff. The submission call asked for stories thematically based on necromancy, which is the magic of the raising of the dead, and the necromacers that practice the art. I’m really looking forward to reading the rest of the stories in this antho.

Here’s the ToC:

Flesh and Bone: Rise of the Necromancers
Edited by Jessy Marie Roberts

Twenty-one dark short stories about the undead, and the persons who raise them…

The Blade of Tears by Lydia Sharp
No Man’s Land by K.G. McAbee
Wrists by Shennandoah Diaz
All the World a Grave by Michael McClung
Blood on the Beach by Anne Michaud
The Scarlet Cat by Rebecca Lloyd
The Mortician’s Secret by Kelley Frank
The King’s Accord by Alan Baxter
Necrodance by Darin Kennedy
The Ghost Walk by Marianne Halbert
Blood Brothers by J. Matthew Saunders
Bequest by Greg Mellor
9 Mystery Rose by Eden Royce
In the Dark Kingdom by Brandon Berntson
Jenna’s Awakening by TW Brown
Queen of Bones by Aubrie Dionne
Small Matters of Immortality by Michael R. Colangelo
The Stoner Bride by Matthew Fryer
Sedenberry’s Pest by Jon C. Forisha
A History of the Wraith King by Chris Poling
And the Greatest of These is Love by David McDonald

Get your copy from Amazon now.


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