Karen Lee Field’s flash fiction contest

My friend Karen Lee Field has recently done a complete overhaul on her writing website. She combines her interests of writing, reading, genealogy and history on the same site. To celebrate the overhaul, Karen is running a flash fiction contest. The prize is a $25 Amazon voucher and an electronic copy of the fantasy anthology, Speculative Realms. The winner will be decided by public votes, and one lucky voter will also receive an ebook of Speculative Realms.

The contest is a themed one. You need to write a story of 500 words or less, using at least three of the following words:

murder, mystery, fire, gates, cat, warlord, gold, dwarf, planet, ship

All the details and submission guidelines are here. So have a go and see if you can win an Amazon voucher. I’ll be entering.


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13 thoughts on “Karen Lee Field’s flash fiction contest

  1. I checked and it looks like this hacker:


    has gone after Karen with a vengeance. If you try to log on to her new site, or even the old one, you get his bwah ha ha message with a thanks to [deleted].

  2. Thanks Katherine. I’ve deleted the names from your comment – I’m not going to give these fuckwits any press. Hopefully Karen can get it sorted quickly and hopefully she hasn’t lost too much content.

  3. Idiots – I presume that Karen is reporting this to her ISP so they can trace those responsible, and also identify how the site was hacked.

    Your ISP should also have a full backup of your site from yesterday – just make sure you close the security hole once it is restored in case you are hit again straight away.

  4. Is it a self hosted WordPress site? There was a reported WordPress hack this past weekend. The article I read said it goes deep into the database and the only way to recover from it is to do an XML export of your content and then reload it into a new instantiation of a patched WordPress. Sites hosted by WordPress were not effected.

  5. Firstly, thanks Alan for mentioning the competition on your blog. It’s very much appreciated.

    As for the hacking, I’m at a loss. There has been so many people tell me about it, but I didn’t see it for myself and the site is as normal this morning. I’m doing a security check anyway. The more I read about hackings, the more I think I should create new databases and upload a previous backup to be safe. The hacker might have returned things to normal … just for now. How am I supposed to know?

  6. That is weird! Hopefully your ISP was on the case quickly and fixed everything up. As you run WordPress software, I would recommend installing the WP-DB-Backup widget, which will give you weekly backups of your content. I would also suggest going through all your coding in the Editor pages and copying that to Wordpad .txt files (or similar). That should prevent you from ever losing too much.

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