Jeff Newman’s Headaches at 52 Stitches

52 Stitches is a publication that publishes a new “horror bit” – flash fiction stories with a dark theme – every Monday morning. In the late (northern) summer/fall of 2010, all collected stories will be published in a trade paperback. In the meantime, each story is available on the website. The 2009 collection was great and that book is out now. I’m very pleased to be included in this year’s collection and my story has been posted today.

The story is called Jeff Newman’s Headaches. There’s a certain autobiographical angle to this piece. I do get hideous migraines. I get them a lot less these days and I’m getting better at managing them. However, the second paragraph of this story is a pretty accurate description of the worst of my migraines. I actually wrote this story while recovering from one. How much truth there is to the rest of it is something you’ll have to decide for yourself.

Anyway, I hope you enjoy it. It’s only around 750 words, so it’s easily consumed.

Jeff Newman’s Headaches at 52 Stitches.


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