10 thoughts on “It’s not much to ask

  1. Well, I’m really a fan of the ninja monkey style of robot. But that doesn’t mean I’d turn down a samurai chicken robot if one came my way.

  2. I ordered them for you months ago but just found out Australia has import restrictions on them, so I redirected them to somewhere that will give them a new home.

    You can visit them anytime you like, at least, that’s what the Wicked Witch of the West told me…she needed replacements when all her flying non-ninja monkeys got the bird flu…

    Leaving now ;c)

  3. Jesus. If you’d asked for ninja monkeys, I might have been able to manage something. But ROBOT ninja monkeys? God, Alan, you’re always pushing past the bounds of reason. Just once, can you ask for something that doesn’t require disassembling Robocop?

  4. BT – damn that wicth. I’ll get her one day!

    Merrilee – robots are not subject to illness. They’re a better brand of minion.

  5. Ah, but they can be prone to malfunction. One day you’ll ask for something simple like a Soy Latte or help with World Domination and instead they shuriken your cat.

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