Irony of the week, from Peter Jensen

Ah, this did make me laugh. It’s the belief equivalent of “my dad can beat up your dad”.

From the Sydney Morning Herald:

[Sydney’s Anglican Archbishop Peter Jensen] Speaking to the congregation at St Andrews Cathedral on Christmas morning, he said recent polling showed Australians were religious and still looking for an answer on the purpose of life.

“But many of the answers are superstitious, such as astrology,” he said. “Superstition can never satisfy the longings of the human heart and they cannot mend our brokenness.”

Not superstitions like astrology, anyway. Superstitions like Christianity, on the other hand, are the perfect solution. In something that seems like it was written for comedy, something that surely can’t possibly have been said without a wry smile, he added, “Again, those who seek for truth and insist on the highest standards of truth are to be commended.”

Try reading a different book for a change, Jensen. That would be commendable.

Happy Christmas, everyone! *sigh*


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