Interview about writing fight scenes

When I gave the “Write The Fight Right” workshop at Conflux 6 back at the start of October, one of the people attending was Phillip Berrie. He asked me if I’d answer a few questions on the subject for the A Writer Goes On A Journey website. I was more than happy to do so and you can see the interview now. If you’re interested in a little bit about writing covincing fight scenes, check out the interview here.


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4 thoughts on “Interview about writing fight scenes

  1. Good advice: if you’re writing about fisticuffs, take a boxing class, karate, something. Know what you are writing about.

    I feel the same way about firearms in novels and film. Stop clearing the slide! Cops don’t hold a pistol sideways. Do criminals really hold guns like the NRA suggests? Don’t think so.

    For cristsakes, pros on the range are forever forgetting to undo the safety, why does that never happen in fiction?

  2. Really enjoyed the interview, Alan. As I noted in the comments at that site, I have a fight scene in the NaNo project I am working on (yes, a different fight scene than Laura’s) and your insights well be very useful.

    Thank you, sir.

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